Awakening the Spirit of Leadership in Young People

One of the mainstays of the ICL since its inception is our renowned speakers series. This program affords students who have been recognized by their own educational institutions as aspiring social entrepreneurs with the chance to learn from recognized global leaders. These conferences and youth summits provide students with the opportunity to not only express their ideas and hopes for a better world and environment, but to also gain experience working alongside notable individuals who have achieved success in their fields of interest – from politicians and princes to authors and artists. These interactive experiences showcase how established leaders have achieved success through harnessing personal passions and serve as a pragmatic guide so young people so they can achieve the same results.

Both students and educators are encouraged to participate in this ongoing leadership speaker series, which has taken place in such notable locations as the world-renowned American Museum of Natural History and the United Nations. Past speakers at the conference have included former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Author Malcolm Gladwell, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, HRH Princess Reema Bandar, NFL greats Dhani Jones and Brandon Short, music industry legends Wyclef Jean and Russel Simmons, and many more…