Success Begins with Passion

Inspiration is not only the first step in the “ICL method,” but ultimately the key to our success. Since we support programs that encourage students to learn about, develop, and pursue their passions, the initial spark of inspiration is paramount. Inspiration itself can come from different sources and is unique to each student – it emerges from their deepest personal dreams and goals. Our goal as an organization is to provide youth from all around the world with facilities, mentors, and programs that can afford them the opportunity to find their spark of genius.

My experience with the Institute for Civic Leadership was a difference maker. It gave me the extra confidence and skill set to go out and achieve my goals of changing the world. My efforts were even recognized by the U.S. government, who rewarded me with a Congressional medal for my commitment to community service.

Nielsen Dias

Ohio State University (Class of 2015), ICL Global Leader (2012)