Georgina Auton

University of Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Passion for Journalism

By Georgina Auton

I’ve been pursuing a double degree at University in Law and Journalism and always knew I wanted to write, but over the years, I was able to also discovered a love of photography, videography and speaking on camera. I established incredible relationships with many of the ICL mentors, and my passion for journalism and storytelling was truly nurtured and encouraged by many of them. I know that I always have someone I have met through ICL who I can turn to for guidance, advice, or just a chat.

What I find the most amazing about my experience with ICL was that it gave me the opportunity to connect with other likeminded individuals and, through those connections over the years, I have received advice and amazing help with bettering myself both professionally and personally. Through the ICL programs, I met people from all over the world, and from all walks of life. It allowed me to connect with people on a different level than I normally would, and expanded my world view. Still being friends on Facebook with many of the other young adults I met through ICL has also given me an amazing University support network of likeminded individuals who are also doing amazing things.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of ICL programs for four years and the experience reinforced my desire to become a successful international journalist and excel in the field of creating digital content. To me, excelling in these areas means not only being able to tell an engaging story, but connecting with people all over the world. ICL gave me the tools to become a global-minded social entrepreneur. I’d like to be remembered for breaking a story like Watergate or Panama Papers and for setting a standard in the world of journalism.