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An investment in education is an investment in the future. The ICL supports programs and educational initiatives that transforms student potential into action. We champion innovation, enthusiasm, and the unstoppable energy of young people to create beneficial change through an innovative curriculum custom-designed to build and nurture a wide range of leadership and social entrepreneurship skills. Through our award-winning academies and programs, we teach students how to become service leaders, how to nourish commitment within a community, and how to accomplish  long-term service and professional goals. In essence, we educate them to know themselves, their talents, capabilities and deepest passions, and provide them with a road map of how to use those gifts over a lifetime of professional ambition and significant social contribution.

Students that graduate from an ICL course or program will have the tools to become action-taking leaders who are able to touch thousands of lives around the world.  For us, opening doors for young people who want to learn how to make a difference is invaluable and immeasurable. At the core of the ICL methodology is teaching students how to be a part of what we like to call the “multiplier effect.” The full impact of our work is not just seen in one student funding the creation of a single playground, but rather a person who can build a dozen schools and be an agent for attitude changes in an entire community.  The key element in this multiplier effect is each and every one of our ICL Global Leaders — dedicated individuals who have used the opportunities presented to them to make a positive impact in their local and global communities while inspiring others to do the same.  Find out more about our curriculum and the programs ICL offers to students around the world.

After my experience with ICL, I was inspired to study abroad in Berlin. This directly led to my decision to study in Paris and New York as a student at Columbia University. To get that initial scholarship, I had to create a video explaining my role as a global citizen, where I discussed how the ICL had shaped my role as a global citizen. Without my ICL experience and the education I received from the program, I don’t think that I would have received this honor, nor would I have even had the courage to apply.”

Allison Yamamoto

ICL Global Leader (Class of 2011), Columbia University (Class of 2016)

The ICL has had such a huge impact on my daughter Allison in so many ways.  She’s committed herself in becoming a global citizen by reaching out and understanding other cultures. She’s also learned leadership qualities that have carried her through very challenging times. She continues to stay in close contact with many of her fellow ICL alums from around the world. That connection has been priceless.

Kathy Yamamoto

Mother of Allison Yamamoto

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In conjunction with the Dwight School, our online high school, the ICL Academy, offers a personalized education built on the foundation of 143 years of academic excellence.

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